man, this is scary; from a nytimes article (here), “Americans are still the undisputed champions of trash, dumping 4.6 pounds per person per day, according to the E.P.A.’s most recent figures. ”

does that include “human” wastes? where does 4.6 pounds of trash come from? i mean, i know our house is really quite strict about recycling as much as possible, throwing away only food bits, scary jars, and the weird “cant be recycled now, because its two things stuck together.”

i mean, right now, its 11:31 eastern standard time, and i have thrown away

a) old coffee grinds plus filter, and
b) one piece of aluminum foil, maybe 10×10 inches, from my breakfast sandwich.

granted the aluminum can be recycled (and easily), but seriously, is the rest of my day going to be extremely trash productive? are they counting my portion of the energy used by the bus i took this morning? i mean obviously its averaged out, but seriously for every person like me, there’s some mega-jerk who just cant throw stuff away fast enough?

anyways, jenn and i just got back from a trip to New Orleans (pronounced n’orlens), for my friends Alma & David’s most glorious, wonderous, beautious and exciting wedding. the weather was astounding, the city was amazing (and still destroyed in some places), the outfits (it was cowboy and indian themed) were awesome, and the food was great.

and yes, we did fly. so maybe thats were all todays trash is coming from. amortized jet fuel.

pictures to come soon.