So, for those of you who aren’t my girlfriend (which is like, what, 6 billion?) this is likely the first youve heard of this space. Basically, a number of months ago i had this idea of this perfect sleeping space, devoid of any clutter (visual or otherwise), storage, large furniture items (ie, dresser) or the like.* However, i didnt own a bed (beyond my futon), and thus my two bedrooms sat essentially empty, unadorned, unattended to, and generally depressed. The INSTANT i was able to acquire Heid’s old mattress, i knew we were in bidness.

So but anyways, this is about as pristine as i can make it now. I WISH i coulda gotten some of those roll-y drape things that anna at is always on about, but ikea redesigned them to be all spring loaded now, thus ixnaying custom fitments. So i live still with the analog block-outs – on or off. Thats it. The two giants prints ive had for years; i picked up the gursky print at moma during a random “lets work in new york for one week” visit, while the big ass san francisco map i happily took off a friends hands for free (who got it at a cartographers convention) and which has since become the object of desire of almost all of my san francisco apartments. Been toying with the idea of adding black curtains. See, ive got all sorts of lace from the prior owner… and all it would need is a rit-dye-bath… and it would achieve that in-between that the analog curtains dont feature (ie, light permeation with privacy)… we’ll see how it works out…


So yeah. This is where i sleep most nights (when not at heid’s). Its not recently finished (been there for some time), but then, nor can any space ever be “finished” when lived in by a designer. Mostly, it just occurred to me to post the state of the room.

Its nice. i cherish every morning i awaken to a room with no computers, no stereos, no dirty-socks-but-i-think-that-ones-clean, no piles of i’ll-totally-get-to-that-next laundry, no more omni-room.

*And actually, ive been toying with the idea of a “perfect” sleeping space since i was probly 8? 10? Then, the idea was to custom build a mostly cold-gray cement castle (no exaggeration) buried deep into the sun-soaked hills of california, where the chamber in question would have been as close to the natural center of the house as possible, with no natural light and sonically deadened HVAC. Why i was designing a hangover palace at the age of 10 is beyond me – unless of course the fates do exist, and that was foreshadowing. Now the idea has… mellowed… especially after taking classes in the building that kubrick used as his mental asylum in ‘a clockwork orange’ (yes, it still looks like that).