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justin van genderen: illustrator to the gods of minimalism

i cant stop freakin out about this guy. hes like a pro-illustrator version of me from chi-town. well, in that, at least, we share many similar interests. take, for example the works below. i love all of it. now think about the cultural cross section it demonstrates, and let that stew a bit. pretty good stuff, i say.

BUY THIS MANS STUFF!!!! digital here, analog here.

Quote of the Day

“Persuasion, in the form of logos, ad campaigns, and the ever-broadening array of activities known as branding, has attained the status of Necessary Evil to many of us. Designers–as we repeatedly tell each other in school, in the studio, and at conferences–are all about function, emotion and progress; persuasion is for shills.”

-from here

necessary? perhaps a stretch; i suggest ‘assumed to be needed because, since its invention, its necessity & validity has never been questioned, its pertinence to every day life never analyzed – so long as profits remain.”

in the wake of the our current (and looming) world economic situational adjust, superfluous activities and practices will begin to reveal themselves, gradually (but temporarily) stealing the limelight from – but then redirecting to – the still-profitable and relevant.

when absolute need begins to take precedence, the facade built by marketing & branding will slowly become useless and irrelevant. when the grip of absolute need is irrefutable, product & service design will realign to the constraints of base human activity while simultaneously prompting an evaluation of the ‘need’ concept.


well, sadly, for those who dont already know, RUDE SAFARI is, er, on sabbatical, while we (ben and i) sort out a new home. apparently, red church got a number of complaints that (in general) the bar was too loud (actually, its neighbors complaining to the council (local authority) who then came down on red church), so in an effort to stem further injunctions, davide (mr.manager) closed all the non-essential nights (ie, sunday, monday, tuesday and, yep, wednesday).

this loss strangely coincided in my work becoming a 70 hour a week thing, so i barely had time for it anyways. however, work has died off again (man i want a regular timed job), leaving me free to, amongst other things, get RUDE SAFARI going again! YES!

so the journey continues.

hopefully RS will shortly find itself a new off-night party spot with eager locals and willing ear drums!

HO-LY CRAP: The Black Mac

I dont know what to do!

Apple has gone and made a black computer.

im geekin out!

two best features:
1) non-moving-part magnetic closure and
2) E-Z slide in/out hdd access

check this comprehensive review from the fellow nerds at ars technica or check it.

…i am literally salivating.

May 20th, 2006
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