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Heidi’s Table : Compiled

So for whatever reason, i never put a full post up about this little guy, even though it was finished what, 5 years ago? Anyways, it was nice…

523: Floating Shelves

So i just completed a project at a friends house for two sets of shelves and little garden box out front. While i didnt think to shoot the…

374: She is whole.

Just sank the final screw. Only took a year. Sheesh.

Heidi’s table gettin some welds redid!

Over at steves now, beautiful day for a little casual street welding. Just polyurethaned the wood this morning so this thing is FINALLY approaching done.

Heidi’s table

Heidi’s side table is taking form! Just need to get it off to the powdercoaters and finish up the wood (right now its just in a pile)!

309: actual rendition of sooner-than-later-to-be project!

yes, i really drawr this bad. no really. its like, always been this way. but it also always turns out.

303: media table

heres my newest table. erm,… it was designed to hold all my media stuff including my records. its made of 3/16ths 1.5″ angle iron, mig-welded together, and sports…