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super compact future furniture!

I’m You. Fucking Accept It, And Get Over It.

christine o’donnell, you done goofed.

from bb

How to Smoke a Book Cover

absolutely fantastic

via boingboing via design related.

March 9th, 2010
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Old Email Finds: Movie Advice

just clearing out my draftbox (read: sending unsent-but-now-edited messages to sarah), and i found a list of movie previews – a sort of porn really – recommendations that i used to compile and send out to people. perhaps a blog is a better house for this. shoot – i dont even know if these links are still live!

good in novel way

good, but a bit over the top

strange and cheaply done, but the cast looks amazing, and id be interested to see hopkins direct.

k, there are a few too many major chords here, but the concept is strong – and its got an excellent joke at the cost of a big tough guy right in the middle!

napoleon dynamite vs west bank big band

if harmony korine had a soft side

this looks interesting, perhaps even ‘magically realistic’

joe strummer biopic; features a sample of him stating his grave stone describer should read “punk rock warlord, with warlord being one word.”

and just incase you all feared i dont get in touch with my childish side,

feels like science of sleep 2

great cast, great costuming, dry, dry, dry

ok, its out already, but it does look good

November 20th, 2009
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Composed Thru You

kutiman, a highly skilled music and video editor and composer, released a series of seven song-videos that (perhaps finally) have cemented the age old act of sampling sounds, to the age old act of watching youtube, necessitating the visual with the audio, and vice versa. resulting in something reminiscent of venetian snares’ rossz csillag alatt sz├╝letett – a journey through romantic, classical and modern period music samples realigned and juxtaposed to a highly energized drum’n’bass / break track – thru you is entirely based on found youtube videos cut up, layered, re-ordered and glued back together to form entirely new, and probably entirely different tracks than any of the performers had ever expected to ever be part of. aka, wicked.

heres the first track…

-check it here.

April 23rd, 2009
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