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Heidi’s Table : Compiled

So for whatever reason, i never put a full post up about this little guy, even though it was finished what, 5 years ago? Anyways, it was nice…

471: Powermatic 64a: Table Saw of the Gods

Not sure I’ve ever had a crush on a machine or tool before, but this thing is beast. Every part is heavy. Every part is either cast iron,…

Sunday Sweatin’

So I had to go out to get a “strap wrench” on Sunday, and I saw these tables for sale out front. So I snapped some shots and,…

374: She is whole.

Just sank the final screw. Only took a year. Sheesh.

And here she sits…

Heid’s table is taking a long time. I should probly just fully commit to it and nothing else. Pretty shamefull.

Heidi’s table makin’ progress!

The wood still needs some trimming and a sealant (thinking clear urethane), and the frame needs a’finishin’ too but hey! Its getting there!

Heidi’s table: raw wood

Some before shots – she looks kinda beat, but there be gold in them thar hills!

Heidi’s table: woods the news.

Wood in process! Started out as one 13′ 2×10, then i rough cut them down to 15″ lengths (much easier to deal with), and now im in the…

Heidi’s table

Heidi’s side table is taking form! Just need to get it off to the powdercoaters and finish up the wood (right now its just in a pile)!

303: media table

heres my newest table. erm,… it was designed to hold all my media stuff including my records. its made of 3/16ths 1.5″ angle iron, mig-welded together, and sports…