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522: Hulk Light

Ye Olde Worke: so my boss was throwing out this wretched, obnoxiously bright green, mini light box – and somehow I thought I would be able use it….

Luigi’s : Production Shots

yes, these are out of order since i already posted the install shots, but i thought i would share! raw stack of ingredients, post routing the production tables,…

483: highfleet

so a friend of mine reached out to me to do him a sign. then he sent me an AMAZING logo (which TO BE CLEAR i DID NOT…

Luigi’s : double sided flying squirrel

It may be sort of hard to tell, but the blank is sort of shaped like a flying squirrel if seen from above, mid-flight. Anyways, this was originally…

478: Quarterhouse : signage

Here’s some nice dimensional stuff we did for a new restaurant in canton. The main backer is made of 3″ High Density Urethane (hdu) custom routed to get…

Luigi’s : byo patio

Here are some process shots of the luigi’s byo patio sign getting made. It’s meant to hang off the back, facing Wine Source, adjacent to the main signage….

450: CPS

A customer needed to be convinced, and we needed a mobile example of how CNC + LED can make awesome.