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537: Floating Shelves

Just found some detail shots of a few pressure fit shelves i made circa July 2013 using CNC joinery – no glue or screws, just gravity holding them…

526: Shelf gif

Google Photos has some sort of automatic gif maker built in, so it just proffered this, uncalled for – but it’s awesome!

474: old shelves

394: Cat approved shelf.

Mitch, being the personality type he is, decided an ellevated view out the window was just what he needed. In the space on time it took me to…

On the other hand…

Mags cat shelf went up without a fight!

pat’s turntable shelf in situ

heres a shot from mr and mrs boyle’s living room, with the newly organized tv, speaker, stereo head unit and turntable arrangement. for whatever reason, everything was in…

334: Bookshelf is now.

Here be installed new book shelf! Booktastic!

333: Book shelf!

New shelf is almost done! Book version of towel rack. Next up is the cd!