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bass cabinet: assembly & use

With good CNC technique, these are basically all the tools i needed to assemble this guy; a nailer, a coercion device, glue, scrap stick for spreading glue. Okay…

541: Danny Ziggy

Spiral pattern engraving of the Danzig logo (which ive always liked, and originally comes from The Saga of Crystar comic).

531: White ink on cloth test prints / new logo?

And what’s this last one? Well, below certainly looks like my logo… So why not a metal remix?

514: New Fire Pit

A few years ago I saw a DIY fire pit from an excised washer drum, which planted a seed. Fast-forward to a week ago, when we received our…

459: Photos of the times

Beers in Philly! Eyehategod A Mitch in a Box. MDF Bukowski, wearing a Bukowski shirt, that says “Bukowski.” Stuck, in my truck, on the freeway. After an hour…

374: She is whole.

Just sank the final screw. Only took a year. Sheesh.

And here she sits…

Heid’s table is taking a long time. I should probly just fully commit to it and nothing else. Pretty shamefull.

Heidi’s table makin’ progress!

The wood still needs some trimming and a sealant (thinking clear urethane), and the frame needs a’finishin’ too but hey! Its getting there!

303: media table

heres my newest table. erm,… it was designed to hold all my media stuff including my records. its made of 3/16ths 1.5″ angle iron, mig-welded together, and sports…