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457: Blasts From The Past

somehow i was digging through some old files and found some funnies… Jeeves, my 2006 mkv gti. Haus Wynbrook in various states of disarray – i looks like…

384: haus wynbrook: final days.

last paint job of the haus included a feshly matte-black’ed light and bathroom cabinet, and all white walls to bring together the room. looks good on!

360: haus wynbrook: tour videos

heidi asked i document some changes to my house – Haus Wynbrook – so that while she toils in her infinite misery (finals of first semester of masters…

359: Planter!

Finished the planter! Only to be short soil, so for now its only a third full and only home to tomatoes. Soon there will be more soil, more…

358: Side tables for the white room

3/4″ scrap mdo! What more can i say!

356: New eames for haus wynbrook

I just cleaned the badboy, so he doesnt look very… elegant all upended like that. Upholstery is sort of a dark purple / eggplanty color. Cant wait to…

353: applause for the volunteers!

351: the bathroom currently known as way too many prints.

for one thing, isnt that framed ferrari poster from 1984 amazing? best damn 5 dollars i done did spent! secondly, yes, there are literally like 7 different patterns…

349: The white room.

So, for those of you who aren’t my girlfriend (which is like, what, 6 billion?) this is likely the first youve heard of this space. Basically, a number…

344: Flame on!

Always a good day when i can see flames from the kitchen.

342: Haus numbers!

Complete and installed! Blam! BODONI BABY, BODONI. and in Poster Bold! Caint beat that, right there!

338: Haus numbers: on the rise!

In process shot of house numbers. Gon’ be tight!

325: partial bathroom wrap above shower

so ive been thinking it might be nice to break up the heavy pattern action of the wallpaper. even though its a small room, mind bending patterns might…