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Old ’55 ’94

Every now and then i get to missin’ my old truck. It was bad. Never been one for the mega lifted monstrosities, but the utility of a truck…

528: Painted Wheels, done.

So I let them cure for just under a week, and then I slapped ’em on! I swear these look like straight up WRX rims… Oh, that helps….

476: gti/iv live

Rebuilt the starter, put in a new valve cover gasket, and cleaned the poop out of that car. Even did the insides of the wheels. And look! They…

463: Wheels designs in the industry go round and round

Top are mine, bottom are a mustang who was parked next to me – striking similarity, no?

462: gti/iv

Hassan’s GTI Coilovers

Nate at NGP hooked up my homie Hassan with a set of their house brand Coilovers, so we spent Saturday putting them in. I’m still sore.