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499: Evergreen Wood Works

So some time ago, it occured to me that i had a woodshop on a street named “Evergreen,” which led naturally to a branding opportunity! Evergreen Wood Works…

497: Boh Coasters

Made these a while ago out of cork coasters I lasered, as a gift for my poor parents who are too far away from Maryland to new able…

494: Snowy trees

Here’s a nice little Christmas tree piece I did on the laser, one for each of us, and etched for snow!

493: Thank you plaque

So I made two of these for each set of our parents, and this is the third one. Really I made three and sent the best out, but…

491: etched glass

did some nice glass etching for a customer at work, womens names on these ‘day of the dead’ glasses, using the laser engraver. came out nice!

487: shower scene!

no idea where this one came from, but its fun, me thinks. .032 engravers plastic (used for making ADA raised lettering) on 1/8″ beveled edge matte acrylic, with…

485: natty boh, natty boh!

another gem from the laser, this time a quick design based of Mr National Bohemian him self, and etched into a preexisting coaster. Of all the baltimore imagery…

483: highfleet

so a friend of mine reached out to me to do him a sign. then he sent me an AMAZING logo (which TO BE CLEAR i DID NOT…

Luigi’s : byo patio

Here are some process shots of the luigi’s byo patio sign getting made. It’s meant to hang off the back, facing Wine Source, adjacent to the main signage….

462: gti/iv