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529: Hair Day

So Sage often wakes up with hilariously big yet also varied hair. Sometimes I saw Farah Fawcet hair, more often Rod Stewart, sometimes Einstein – it was all…

522: Hulk Light

Ye Olde Worke: so my boss was throwing out this wretched, obnoxiously bright green, mini light box – and somehow I thought I would be able use it….

80’s Swoosh Attack & gti/iv v2

So my boring little silver car was looking so boring – and silver! It was clearly time for some solo cup jazzy swooshes. So these went to design…

515: Baphomet

Found a wicked illustration online, busted some ‘shop, and sent it to print with white ink on clear.

506: Sunwalker Brouwerij : Triple in bottles, Dark Strong in secondary

See here! Batch two complete, and draining fast. Yeah. 1 gallon micro batches are out. SO yesterday. 5 gallon mega man batches are SO in. Last shot is…

503: Terra Baggage : Card Caddies Clean

Finally tuned up a couple, they look sharp! Hopefully Hassan will approve of them! You will also notice, now, that all three main states of the logo are…

502: Terra Baggage : Business Card Caddy

More of the same HDPE material from the main sign, but with tighter detail engraving with finer bits.

501: Sunwalker: Floor Mat

So I finally got around to trying out the G-floor sample the rep dropped off a year ago, abd the results are solid. Loads of layering to get…