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300: shelving at 3422 chestnut

not sure why i forgot to post these but, yeah. it was quite a process. basically, the kitchen came with this one gross metal thing that had about…

DVD & VHS rack

this things was sort of a hassle to build. we have a whole crappe-tonne (thats metric, not imperial) of vhs’s, with a hand full of dvd’s thrown in…

276: Poke A Nose / Awesome Adirondack

compressed plastic bags and milk jugs, on a floaty thing, on a made made lake, in upstate new york, enjoying the pleasant day. could not be worse.

274: Backyard Mayhem

last spring, i decided that some garden boxes would be a good idea for the house, a good learning experience for me, and they would be a good…

261: ply chair: update

jody, seen any of this yet? its not anywhere near done, but most of the cuts are done, so next up is the align / glue / clamp…

255: ply chair

this ones for jody, sorta. its partially inspired by jody’s teanest, and primarily inspired by a chair from unto this last.

254: super compact future furniture!

and via core 77

235: Recently in the Real World

new photos from various events recently, namely some furniture repainting, a pumkin carved and tonights meal, enchildas horizone grandes. we ran out of green sowse early, so we…