So i wasnt sure what i was going to call the beer i made (which actually may never be any good), but as everyone knows, the opportunity to develop an identity for a graphic designer is pretty much like free crack. since it was clear that Sage’s middle name – Soleil (means “sun” en frankize) – was awesome, combined well with her last name, and when done connoted star wars references (luke skywalker, anyone?), it seemed a pretty solid path to head down.


After a good amount of fiddlin’, that was where i landed for the first version of the graphic, so its this version that carried to the first labels (*yes, technically i messed with the kerning so it looks better on the labels, but were going through time here people, things change, ok?)


And thus it was done, labels were made, beer was had, and all was well. But the wheels of design kept turning… so i honed, and extruded, and dropped all the shadows, and outlined, and inlined, and re-lined, and inverted colors, and added more gradients, and then removed them by using half tones instead.

It was awesome. And the results were not to bad either.


Ironically enough, i had already designed the next label…


(which is actually what got me thinking about upping the ante on the logo), so… yeah. If i’ve got enough time inbetween now and next round of beer, i may end up revamping the label too… who knows!

Ps. Anyone notice the hiker is a girl?