i had shown a mysterious preview of the design before hand, but not the end result… until now!

mock up, sandwiched cardboard & double sided tape. i hadnt designed the mate / support yet, but they still supported a bass fine.

first attempt, 1/2 inch white polyvinyl chloride. the angles of the mating piece were too steep, and the slots too wide, so the whole things was wonky, and caving in like.

second attempt, two layers of 1/4 inch foggy white acrylic with double sided tape to hold them together; perfect. gave the supports two slot options that change the angle of their splay, depending on user pref / thickness of instrument used. there now exists three working stands: that one now holds my bass, number two lives upstairs at Noels house, and three holds my guitar.

sidenote: you can see some of my bodoni project in action!