not sure why i forgot to post these but, yeah. it was quite a process. basically, the kitchen came with this one gross metal thing that had about 157 years of kitchen grime and as many layers of paint locking it all together. we ripped it out only to reveal a busted ass piece of plywood that was was BARELY hanging onto the wall. after that came down, it revealed raw, heavily chewed up “salmon” brick, which was this cheap brick style that didnt get baked to same temperature as regular bricks, so it crumbles just like tim robbins’ cell at shawshank.

ANY ways, i patched up that wall as best i could; ironically, the places that i patched stuck out the most because they were these strangely flat planes on an otherwise pocky and unsmooth wall. oh well. as you can see from the photos of the build, painting of the room had begun before i even got finished, but eventually it all just blended in, behind the new shelving system.

the wall as i found it.

baby fist sized holes.

chris (top left) doing the one thing he hates the most in life, painting. yes!

near final wall, inbetween sandings and fillings.

angle shot to show smoothness.

shelving complete and installed. camillo had helped me sort out the spacing balance of the vertical supports: center them to the thing they are above!

final detail shot of the knobs i put on the cabinet; my mom got them for me from a mexican import shop, the last time jenn and i were out in tucson arizona. they are nice!