well, sadly, for those who dont already know, RUDE SAFARI is, er, on sabbatical, while we (ben and i) sort out a new home. apparently, red church got a number of complaints that (in general) the bar was too loud (actually, its neighbors complaining to the council (local authority) who then came down on red church), so in an effort to stem further injunctions, davide (mr.manager) closed all the non-essential nights (ie, sunday, monday, tuesday and, yep, wednesday).

this loss strangely coincided in my work becoming a 70 hour a week thing, so i barely had time for it anyways. however, work has died off again (man i want a regular timed job), leaving me free to, amongst other things, get RUDE SAFARI going again! YES!

so the journey continues.

hopefully RS will shortly find itself a new off-night party spot with eager locals and willing ear drums!