Once finish was cured, final assembly began, which first meant hardware – 4x hinges, 2x latches, 8x corner guards, 3x 1/4″ jacks, power jack, cannibalized surge protector (hard wired to the back of the power jack), and 3x cables hard wired to the jacks.

Here you can see most of the hardware is in.

Interior shot – jacks are in, but no cabling.

Zoom on front hardware – there is very little vertical face, so small hardware was key.

This zoom shows a really nice detail – detachable hinges. Once you swing open the case beyond a certain point, the lid is able to lift off and be put elsewhere.

Lid on, showing the two sets of hand holds. One is for the cabinet as a whole when carried closed up (and sat on its back end). The other two are for moving the the business half when flat on the ground.

This is a dry fit to see what wants to go where. Because it doesn’t make logistic sense to put ones pedals in a visually linear row (physics limit max width – see the big bard for a visual), you necessarily need to fold & tuck them where they can fit.

Velcro was then applied to base & pedals. This layout has my stereo chorus (light blue) and dod OD (yellow) placed where the volume pedal was intended to go, but hadn’t been received yet. Adjusting layout seems to happen about once a month. One of the things i tried to design in was enough space for foot clearance to be able to hit 1 pedal, while not excessively increasing total size. Another thing i noticed is that this was before i wired in the internal cables – you can see i come in to the chorus (top right) and leave the looper (bottom left) without using the boxes ports.

This is my current layout, but notably missing The Eye of Horus as he needed some maintenance, and including exactly one Maggie. Im also awaiting some slightly longer cables (3 ft) from MonoPrice.com to allow the longer stretches across the board. You wouldn’t think that length would be needed, what with the availability of those cute multi-colored 6″ cables – or even the nice cloth covered 12″ guys – but man. Out, down, over, under, across, around, through, up and in certainly take more of a length toll than you would imagine.

Currently what the guts resemble – i think im going to to swap locations of the surge protector (and note, its not a power strip, so actually provides protection) and the MXR stereo eq pedal. The height of the mxr guy + cables makes clearance too tight, so i think if i push it towards the back, this should ameliorate some of the issues.

All plugged in. An ic 320 c14 male port (techy speak for the port we think of on the back of a computer) with parent power kill switch, mono in, and stereo out.

Lid applied hinging closed – power is still on, as nothing conflicts.

I have no idea when this scenario would be useful, but you could feasibly close the whole thing up and keep playing.

All unplugged and ready for storage or transport (although i do typically wind my cables and keep them inside the box because… why not?

Port zoom.

Suitcase mode. Not very carry-on friendly, but MUCH MUCH easier than Big Bard, and WAY better than unplugging 47 things, tossing (gently) into a duffle, and then reversing the process. The lion share of the weight is on the base of the board (the left half in this photo), but the main handles only fit the lid. As a consequence im keeping an eye on the detachable hinges and the top latches – i imagine ill need to upgrade them at some point, but for now they are holding steady!