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527: Painting Wheels

So this was a project i had been thinking about for some time. I wanted wheels that were a darker silver, but nothing stock VW came this way…

526: Shelf gif

Google Photos has some sort of automatic gif maker built in, so it just proffered this, uncalled for – but it’s awesome!

CnC furniture: Two Eames DCW’s, and an Unto This Last T-Bench.

So I found one of my suppliers carried a birch ply faced with melamine. Super modern looking (read: 50’s -60’s era) and COULD translate well to routed –…

523: Floating Shelves

So i just completed a project at a friends house for two sets of shelves and little garden box out front. While i didnt think to shoot the…

522: Hulk Light

Ye Olde Worke: so my boss was throwing out this wretched, obnoxiously bright green, mini light box – and somehow I thought I would be able use it….

Key hook, TV mount & the weather

For some time I’ve been working on my key chain, by both minimizing it’s body and maximizing it’s function. Because too much weight on your keys can damage…

519: Proof of concept

Turns out this thing kicks ass. Just sayin’. 

80’s Swoosh Attack

So my boring little silver car was looking so boring – and silver! It was clearly time for some solo cup jazzy swooshes. So these went to design…

517: Hole plugs

So my garage floor had two very intentional holes that I put into an access panel; one as a finger pull, the other as a cable run. Mice…

515: Baphomet

Found a wicked illustration online, busted some ‘shop, and sent it to print with white ink on clear.