So when the new pedal bard arrived, ye olde pedal bard needed a new home. Or maybe a few, Holmes.

So it sent it down, down to the depths of the infernal reach that is my shop.

Crosscut sled.

Depth = 12″


Width shall equal 12″ as well. And so it was that two, TWO cuts were made and thus one became the holy three, and there was pacification across the land of riffs, for upon two shoulders was placed the glory of young pedal bard Shepardry. Photographed of course way after the cuts, the mending, the rounding over was all done, this photo features perhaps a “responsible” layout that fathers and neighbors alike might both approve.

This layout you might call ‘the stomp of death’ or, as Hassan described, “BIGFOOT.” Likely to impress siblings and impressionable younger cousins.

And this one is just straight irresponsible, and guaranteed to impress no one other than that girl your mom told you to stay away from.

Of the two that exist in this size, one was immediately sent to the Research & Development campus of Terra Baggage. And lo, the riffage was shredded, the feet did stomp, and praise given before the alter of the amp.

But there remained another, a third child…