Early mockups, showing bayou imagery, the state bird (a Pelican), and minimal color accents. And actually the lower one also features a nice gator image (another local stalwart) which both mimicks the coastline and places his eye right about where Lake Charles is located on the coast.


Uncle Randy (one of heidi’s) asked i do a graphic for a competition put on by a company that is coming together pending a merger.

Further renditions, honing it down; global commerce was one of key phrases they used, but that ended up making it look too bland.

Its my understanding that the major stake holder British Gas, in a move to encourage ownership, asked the local employees to make and submit logos so that whatever gets picked, they (the local employees) can feel some degree of connection with and thus ownership of the new brand. The irony, of course, is that i live neither in Britain, nor in Louisiana.

Nearing the home stretch, we had settled on a color palate – inky black, medium gray and Orange as the accent. They requested we work in a graphic of the actual transport ship (they have these very odd spherical storage tanks), I was able to also tuck in the pelican, the bayou brush, a star for Lake Charles itself (as subtly indicated in the decoder wring text at the bottom), and then mess with analogue style gradients with both the depth of sea color, and the epicenter of sun emerging from behind the ship, as if to say they were responsible for the dawning of a new light.

But whatever.

And the final – I hadn’t added ‘Project’ to the mix, but it turned out to be necessary. Obviously shows influences from the various communist / fascist / nationalist WW2 era propaganda machines, with a fresh dose of ‘Miami Vice’ era graphics. I really like this, and now that i think about it, wouldn’t mind it on a shirt. Its so strong! Illustrator, mad research.

As requested, contents include the state of Louisiana, a star indicating where Lake Charles is, a Pelican, reedy-marsh, an “LNG” (liquified natural gas) Boat, and the British Gas ‘orange’ although i wasn’t given PMS on that (nor could i find one), so i have no idea how accurate that is.