For some time I’ve been working on my key chain, by both minimizing it’s body and maximizing it’s function. Because too much weight on your keys can damage your ignition, I tend to favor deployable options. Once I discovered the “HK” clips, as they are called, I thought they might work nicely as a one-key carabiner, but I would need to have stitch some webbing for it to work. Here’s about as best as I could do, with some random scrap that came off a drill holster. This was really thick stuff so I had to notch it on both sides a bit to fit inbetween the fob loop. Pretty fugly, but close to what I imagined, and decent as a proof of concept. Stays in plane with key, but not any shorter than the previous mini ‘biner. I’ll try this for some time and see how it does.

Been meaning to do this for some time, but I FINALLY hung the TV off it’s proper locked-in-place bracket, and then passed all the cables into the wall to reemerge behind the records. Besides the heft of the table, everything was pretty easy!

And finally, the first two buds have emerged. Yesterday was high 70’s, today was… 40’s? Either way, this winter has been messed up. Hot, cold, no snow till March. Yucky. Climate change at its worst.