IMAG2337 - Copy

so a friend of mine reached out to me to do him a sign. then he sent me an AMAZING logo (which TO BE CLEAR i DID NOT DESIGN – but oh man wish i did!), and goes,

“yeah, can you print me 1 (one) poster?”

and im like,

“Man, thats all you want?

“Yeah, no, thats fine, all we need!”

so we did it, and it was not exciting. and then months later i was like, ‘screw it’ im making it, and with awesome sauce! So i manipulated it a bit to translate to a layered acrylic number, and then pulled my acrylic bits from the waste piles, and got to ‘routin. the perimeter is lit with a custom wired low-profile strip-style LEDs that i ALSO pulled from the scrap bin.

Now she hangs as one of our show peices! Final is about 20 wide by maybe 30ish tall?

JUST as its finishing production

Shot across the top, showing the incline of the zeppelin.

Zoom showing the top area

Zoom on the city