So for whatever reason, i never put a full post up about this little guy, even though it was finished what, 5 years ago? Anyways, it was nice project with lots of learning – which is what makes a project worthwhile!

Raw reclaimed wood.

About to not be raw reclaimed wood.

Beginning the rip down process.

Frame getting welded (its hard to see, i know), at Steve Bakers shop.

Frame finished but no wood (at my work). You can see better in this shot how the frame is sort of serpentine, and how it doubles back on itself. I ended up welding a teeny tiny little brace very inconspicuously between the two shelves where they overlap; this helped mitigate the torsion the folded-8 frame wanted to ‘twist and shout’ so readily about.

Heres a rough of what i wanted the final to look like, although not all the wood was at its final size and it all needed a finish coat.

Finally finished – finally! This project was a slow burn partially because i was building it between my basement (shown), my work and a friends shop.

And here is the shot i was waiting for; it was designed to fit up against this very couch such that the tops would hold the reading of the day / drinks / plants / table lamp, while the side access below could hold a collection of books. Its at this point i realize how terribly my phone camera is; below are some prosumer shots from when we were about to sell our old house, and MAN what a difference good photography makes!!