So i rented a jack hammer and went to town on the “slab” in the garage. And by slab, i mean what appeared to be puddles of cement eons of previous owners decided to fill in, two bags at a time, one poor job at a time. The result? Algae-bloom style amorphous shaped areas of incongruous and sometimes not touching cement that varied in depth from 1/2 to 6″, and made of clearly different types of cement (some pinker than others, some more polished-stone based, some mostly gray, etc). ANYways, for a “slab” that didnt even cover the entire floor – oh yeah, they had never finished – it made impressive amounts of rubble.



This is where we buried the Pharaoh.


So after clearing all that out, we began work on the trench system. One of the problems with where the garage was located was that water seemed to come in from all directions. Well, ok, other than the roof, but honestly, it even came up from the floor. So we decided an interior french drain would be the key, but it still needed to be abel to get out, so we also added in a Sump Pump. The photos below are from before we a) discovered we would need one and b) actually dug out everything to accommodate that small monstrosity, although the last shot of my dad tugging on the line (thats actually tied to the truck behind him) is of the last rock in our way for the sump pit. That baby was about 2 feet down, and perfectly intersected into the space we needed for the pit, so its excavation was in order. It was such a heavy menace, tying it to the truck and backing it out was the only way two grown men could figure how to get this guy out.