So last time i got all the receptacle holes cut, and now it was just time for the electrician! So he has since come and wired this thing up legit! Seems like there is no end to luxurious 4 plug outlets! (Actually its two per wall, with another outside, three for lights up above, and two explicitly for under-workbench electronics like computer and stereo.)

[EDIT:] Oh, and i fully forgot to mention that, yes, i finished the east wall as well, as evidenced below.

So once he had installed everything, i busted out my tall ladder (thanks H!) and attached 1 lamp per outlet primarily so i could immediately feel the impact of my newly installed switches! And of course, the funny part is that currently i have the exact same amount of light as before, just that now i have the ability to use a legit wall switch, one per lamp with a fourth out front for the floods, instead of a daisy chain of power strips, with one of their reset buttons as a my “power switch”.