Mind, theres probly a month in between each of these posts, i just am poor at keeping them uploaded regularly, and i tend to do like 18 posts at once, then forget about it.

ANYways, once the flooring was done and dried, i then went about the itchy process of finishing the insulation.

But only after i had brought in an electrician to run wiring throughout the shop. We decided that, since i would be using reclaimed 2x wood as horizontal paneling allover, they would run all the electrical drops, but only install the actual switches and receptacles once everything was complete. In all, i had the electrical upgraded from two 15 amp breakers to 2×20, with the potential to install two 30 (which the garages breaker in the house was wired for, but that might require thicker wire). One line would be entirely dedicated to switch-less quad receptacles that would ring the garage, 2 per wall, and one outside. The other circuit i would dedicate to switched lights (3 inside, 1 flood out front) and another two un-switched quads mounted low and behind where the workbench will later go to handle low-draw items like the shop computer and stereo equipment.

First area completed was this corner. Using mostly scrap i did both sides up to their natural breaking point which, in the case of the door side, was up to the doors trim.

Its sort of hard to see, but over on the right is the completed corner. And obviously the whole north wall.

Lastly, i thought to shoot my “desk”.