Once i had finished the paneling on the back wall, i decided that going forth i would only build each remaining wall up to the point where i could place receptacles. This allowed me to greatly expedite the arrival of the electrician, and once all installed, would make for a much more comfortable working environment (ie, not orange cables running everywhere, because they all are dangling off the same ghetto switch, a power strip). The first two shots below are of the west all up to its only sockets, and the east wall just past the two that will be underneath the work bench.

At this point i had to start framing out the window so when the paneling closes in around, it will not only lose its otherwise noticeable not-centered placement, but also it will clean it up in general. However, this meant i needed to box in the sides a bit, leaving a cute little cubby underneath… but what to stash there!!!

So, after seconds on end of at-length inner turmoil and thought, i decided a time capsule was in order, targeted at whatever tired and hot fellows are hired to dismantle my garage:

The wall as it stands now, having completed up to where the switch receptacle will go (between door and window). I didnt get a shot of it (i was too busy working) but everything was pushed up to that wall to facilitate installing JUST the single strip of paneling at the apex of the roof, which holds the three switched receptacles. I only put in one strip up there (of 2x8x~60) which ran the entire length of the place, but even using my neighbors consumer-grade scaffolding meant i was working at about 4 feet off the ground and at full arm extention, and aiming up. If you are reading this you either can feel your back spasming just thinking about how much of a pain that was, or you have absolutely no idea how freaking difficult that was.

Also this happened trying to remove a nail. And thats a framing hammer. Oh well – it was a freebie i found somewhere; im 98% sure ill upgrade to an axe handle of some sort.