So i didn’t document this one that well, but i rebuilt the doors as needed, and while my dad was in town, we removed the old & installed a new window. Because its pretty low odds you’ll find a window of the right orientation at the exact same size, its much easier to find one as close as possible, but a bit smaller, trim it in and call it one. Interestingly enough, even though the window took up less space than the old one, it let WAY MORE light in because it had WAY MORE glass in it. As for the doors, they let all sorts of wind, rain, snow, sleet, animalia, and what not in, so the primary goals were simple mechanical closure, and weather resistance.

So i pulled this door out completely, stripped it of everything foreign i could, re-glued up the base (which i think was held together by cobwebs), cut it down to fit with the new floor & footer trim, painted that sum’batch, and re-hung it. Once in i them installed a weather strip on the handle-side of the frame to tighten up that gap. Now everything is sealed, painted, trimmed or all three.

This guy took a serious bit of time; i basically removed the entire “window” portion of the door and created a new one with a scrap piece of matte acrylic my neighbor had, resealing, repainting and re-trimming in the process. I also took the liberty of adding on scrap ply trim to help minimize water entry. The other door (to the left) was in much better shape, so it go de-prioritized.

Once the window was installed and trimmed in, i eventually repainted everything to make it look as intentional as possible.