So after a bit of research I came to the conclusion that 3/4″ pipe ( which measures just over 1″ externally) would be the strongest, cheapest way to get simple but effective racks into the wall, without adding much else. Generally speaking the systems I saw on line were stand alone meaning they got made and then installed, meaning I would lose another 3″ of depth off the wall – and in a small place that seemed unnecessary, especially considering the wall is already 1.5″ reclaimed construction grade lumber. Alternating studs as I went, I either used every other board, or on the case of the south west corner, every board as that area will hold more weight and thus the height limit helps act as a weight limit as well.

Below are photos of most of my big wood pieces, but I’ve yet to load in all the littler pieces still in the basement. Once I’ve up enough pipes to hold it all, I’ll move on to installing the old cabinets that are sort of strewn about the basement as well, as tool storage so the floor can be cleared up and tins can new live in fairly predictable places.