So i just completed a project at a friends house for two sets of shelves and little garden box out front. While i didnt think to shoot the box, i was pleased to see the first shelf i put up already in use, and the second went up smooth too.

The first shelf was an interesting situation, and one that worked perfectly for a design i had already deployed in a few locations. Its basically a 2×4 with equidistant dados notched from the front. Then i also dado some shelf platforms that are accepted into those dados, and look relatively seemless. Also, the dados on the two-by are a good place to bury the mounting hardware so when all the shelves slot in, all hardware is hidden.

The second shelf was an entirely different design, and REALLY shows off how wonky that room is. I could tell you its level. I could even promise it. But boy, does that SO not matter; if everything else is wrong, and theres only 1 right thing, the right thing is inevitably the one to stand out.

Hardware wise, its got 4 big honking screws going into the studs & brick behind the wall, and then the lower shelf is just sitting there – theres no way to remove that shelf (or install it, for that matter) without first removing one bracket. Because the top panel is just sitting there, it could be knocked down, so its held to the brackets with an additional 4 screws. All together, a clean look – i’d love to see it populated!


All it needs now is a little propeller in the middle, and we got the Wright Brothers!