So some time ago, it occured to me that i had a woodshop on a street named “Evergreen,” which led naturally to a branding opportunity! Evergreen Wood Works was born. Is it my new company? Is it the budding empire yet to be built? It is an overblown name for an extremely high-end shed? Probably more of the later, but whatever, lets have some fun!


Theres the main version. Once i built this, i started drafting out all the alternates. Some homie asked i invert the teal / pinky on the evergreen, which i dont really care for but it exists, and as such needs acknowledgement.


Its not bad… i just… prefer the teal on pink.


Then i did the black & white (for… whenever i can actually find something that cant display color?)…


and then i did the tiny version (erm… letterhead, as seen from afar? i dont know, just seemed prudent.)…

and then i started to export out the initialized versions…

Evergreen-Wood-Works---v2---E Evergreen-Wood-Works---v2---EWW-clear Evergreen-Wood-Works---v2---EWW-black