This is the story of Heidi’s Christmas 2016 present. Its a silly concept i had, to some-what replicate the feel of an old english pub-style dart board, replete with 18″ competition scale dart board (print on 1/2″ MDO), piano-hinged cabinet doors, and dark stained wood grain interior & exterior. When its ready, its meant to be installed adjacent to the oven & range, and it was designed such that when closed, it should not interfere with the door being opened.


Below is the process i documented of slowly transferring everything in its current cabinet over to the new one, mostly to test for fit, and if i needed to adjust the shelving locations (they can be moved up or down).


There was some shelf adjusting i needed to do, which may allow for the stuff sitting on the floor to better integrate, but still. Given how big its wall footprint is – 24″ x 36″ – its surprising how little extra room there ended up being!