So I did two batches back to back (OK three or four weeks apart, which in home brewing is LIKE back to back), a Dark Strong for Heidi and another Californian Belgian IPA I’m calling ‘More CalBel’.

The dark strong I broke into three parallel batches: while they all got seasoned with orange peel (Curacao, as they say) and coriander (cilantro seed), the two gallon batches got pumpkin spices (cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, etc), and black pepper & grains of paradise respectively.
The CalBel was not seasoned per se, but I did use a Belgian IPA recipe (malts, Candi sugar, yeast) with the Pacific Coast IPA Hop schedule. Once it finishes fermenting I’ll dry hop with a PILE of citra hops, for that extra POW they give (floral nose, grapefruit citrus flavor).

Currently the dark strong is clocking at 7.25%, and I’m hoping for 8. As for MCB, I’m hoping for high 6’s…