So I found one of my suppliers carried a birch ply faced with melamine. Super modern looking (read: 50’s -60’s era) and COULD translate well to routed – but necessarily plane-based furniture – meaning all the elements need to come from flat stock. Below are the rough assembly photos to check for clearances, correct tolerances, etc. ALMOST every piece fit perfectly, and was just the right amount of tight to hold together – even while sat on!!!


And this is a design from Unto This Last, a little CNC based furniture joint i used to work across the street from, back in East London. They do a lot of really interesting stuff, but this line of benches & stools was always my favorite. So clean, so… simple. Anyways, i was able to reverse engineer the design off a few photos (questionable, i get it!); Unto This Last! – if you are reading this, have no fear! My Wizard CNC Reverse-Engineering Intarweb Skillz will only ever be used for good! (Our dining room table is usually pushed up against the wall leaving only 2 chairs on the room side. However, on the odd occasion we have a few guests, it made far more sense to use a bench that can live under the table, than to bring up from the basement two more chairs.