248: busted garage = newest project?

there is a garage on the property that, at least for the past few years, has mostly been used as housing by rats, a pee-spot by passing drunks, and occasionally to store things by various neighbors. our landlord insists it can be “rented out as a studio” – only, its still just a rat infested, pee-stained empty ex-garage with two garage doors that long ago stopped opening.

ANYways, someone with vision can see that a useable space COULD be coerced out of this particularly stinky space… once all its un-intentional entrances are sealed (including the leaky part of the roof, around the seems of the old garage doors, and anywhere else really), a floor of some sort is laid down, walls put up… in fact, basically the whole place needs to be sealed, then framed up from floor to ceiling, then ply dropped for the floor, ply or sheetrock / drywall the walls and similar for the ceiling. oh and thats after electrical, which currently appears to be two lights bulbs, only one of which works.

you can see there is a drop right as you walk in the door – well, that and a leak – that would allow us to drop in 2×6 floor joists and still not have to step up. however, there may be some problems with that…

i can just touch that 2×6 which means that its at 7’6″ up, meaning the ROOF is at 8′.

you can really tell with this photo and the following two how raked the roof is, so if we were to – as initially intended – drop a level floor, which is not a lofty goal, the height of the room towards the garage door side would be like maybe a foot shorter. combine that with closing up the ceiling (which would feel like your losing another 6 inches) and youve got a 6 ft tall room (at one end).

basically, i need to go back in there, and take some *ahem* more precise measurements.

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  1. OK, yeah, I believe this project will entail a lot of work. Can you get some photos of outside walls too?

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