So this is by no means my own invention, but it is my own design, custom from the ground up!

These are Book Displays, used for showing little readers what titles are at hand.

They consist of 3/4″ Baltic Birch ply sides with matching 1/2″ shelving, staggered to show the biggest books at the front bottom and stepping up to the smallest books on the very top.

Oddly most other competitors models stagger with large on top which, if you look at the cross-section, ends up wasting all sorts of space and just being a generally poor use of space. Because the shelving arrangement naturally hugs the face curvature, it creates a secret cubby space in the back for secret things to be stored – secretly!

Details include a form melding what Norm would call “New Yankee” (or what I would call traditional) techniques with high tech production, namely CnC.

When cutting shapes with any rotating bit, the hole will always be round; as a consequence when cutting female or fill paths, your interior corners radius will always be limited to the diameter of your bit.

Too boot, every peice you cut out will always have an edge perpendicular to the face of the material (this ain’t no schmancy 5-axis).

So the solution is to plan your fill paths (where you ‘hog’ out material to accept other material) with rounded corners that you can achieve with a shaper bit and a hand held router.

Results = Success. (and bonus points for matching the Ikea kitchenette, because Ikea is classy, and they too use Baltic Birch for like everything)