So quite frustratingly, the sheet of melamine finished ply I special ordered wasn’t quite layed up well with the CnC platen, meaning everything along the top edge was cut shy about an inch. Skillful photography skills kept it out of view on the prior posts, but I really did need a solution. Ended up finding some white painted scrap mdo that was .75″ (18.7mm) thick – about as close to the Euro spec 18mm Baltic birch ply as I was going to get, which I WAS able to successfully route. All but two parts were remade, but alls well.

Below is the formal test of the structures primary lateral deflection coefficient; do it hold a Carlos. Answer: Yes.

Oh and that’s without fasteners – the CnC joinery alone is strong enough to hold a human – until you try to pick it up and it all goes clattering to the floor!

I’ve already since thrown it all across the shaper and given the exposed edges a quarter round, and then begun the sanding. Same goes for the two white chairs. Once sanding is done, it’s fine for glue, then sealant and done! Thinking I might use tung oil…