With good CNC technique, these are basically all the tools i needed to assemble this guy; a nailer, a coercion device, glue, scrap stick for spreading glue.

Okay and clamps. And technically the table saw too. And the miter saw. OKAY i used a number of tools, but the LARGER point was that with good planning comes ease of execution. Anyways, here is is about half way through the glue process. All seems had been tacked – all around the base, the 4 edges, and along the x-brace connections. The only end i couldnt really tack was the face and thus the clamps.

Next up was the wrapping. I used vehicle liner cement.

I had purchased this charcoal gray speaker wrap stuff from Parts-Express.com LOOOOONG ago when i was building my car subwoofer, but when that design modulated to clear acrylic, wrapping it was actually dis-advantageous.

Oh i also forgot to note i rounded over every edge with a half-inch bit. And when i wrapped the material over and around i decided to tuck it back in and down the interior, to prevent the main front edge from being somewhere the material could easily be pulled away from – there would be no edges of cloth to catch & pull free. After i was half way through wrapping, i realized my screws from the face into the body would be TERRIBLY close to the edges of the face risking tear out, and even set at an angle the screws them selves would enter the side-walls WITH grain, as apposed to transverse. As anyone who has worked with MDF knows, you can split it with a butter knife if you come from the side. So what i didnt think to design ahead of time, then made, and then didnt photograph was a set of 3/4″ x 3/4″ ply strips i glued & tacked inside and around the entire face. With the grain set parallel to the face- and with proper pre-drilling – this allowed me to inset my screws about 5/8″ i think, and screw directly to strong ply with the correct grain orientation.

And here is what the final result looks like! Yes, i skipped applying the wrap the the head and foot (THAT was a bitch), yes i skipped attaching the hardware, yes i skipped applying the fabric to the face, and mounting the driver, and mounting the face. I CANT photograph everything… Or else NOTHING would get done! You’ll notice two sides have handles in various arrangements, and the other two sides have feet. Never know which way youll need, so why not plan ahead! The back (not pictured) also features a recessed 1/4″ jack.

In situ… and youll also notice i added corner guards! For as custom and well made as this thing is, its looks hilariously boring. Pro-level, for sure. But also the kind of thing you would see 58 of at guitar center. Just mines made better.

Budding Interest!!!!