these are a set of parallel / series wired 4-by of some dinky little alu-cone full ranger specials from parts express (i think each driver was under 3 dollars). they are probly one of my most aesthetically pleasing designs, and they work for what they do (ie, it would be physically impossible to get earth shaking bass out of them, so this was a minimal enclosure). they do sound surprisingly good, when mated to a sub (as in 2.1), and would work well for an office or other compact area, lower decibel area.

the eclosure is made from red oak veneered furniture grade plywood, CnC routed into four pieces, in three shapes (two hollows in the middle, the face, and the rear), and then glued up with the diy’ers favorite vice: BOOKS! add four canisters of elbow grease, and 5 different grades of sand paper, and youve got yourself one smooth feelin’ speaker baby, oh yeah.