News for December 2010

google chrome cr48 netbook

not sure if this is a FOR REAL FOR SURE kinda thing, but it looks definitely like what has been released so far. interestingly, its VERY similar in design ethos to apple… wonder how much it will cost?

-photos from here.

December 13th, 2010
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justin van genderen: illustrator to the gods of minimalism

i cant stop freakin out about this guy. hes like a pro-illustrator version of me from chi-town. well, in that, at least, we share many similar interests. take, for example the works below. i love all of it. now think about the cultural cross section it demonstrates, and let that stew a bit. pretty good stuff, i say.

BUY THIS MANS STUFF!!!! digital here, analog here.

porsche 356 speedster

a thing of pure beauty. when first introduced, there was only a hardtop (which looks sort of proto-porsche) and a cabriolet-style convertible that was similar to the speedster, but still a bit off. legend tells that the sole american distributor for porsche told them a “lower-cost, open-top version could sell well in the American market. With its low, raked windshield (which could be removed for weekend racing), bucket seats and minimal folding top, the Speedster was an instant hit, especially in Southern California.” (via wikipedia)

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