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Recently in the Real World

new photos from various events recently, namely some furniture repainting, a pumkin carved and tonights meal, enchildas horizone grandes. we ran out of green sowse early, so we substituted with free-joles re-free-tos.

Old Email Finds: Movie Advice

just clearing out my draftbox (read: sending unsent-but-now-edited messages to sarah), and i found a list of movie previews – a sort of porn really – recommendations that i used to compile and send out to people. perhaps a blog is a better house for this. shoot – i dont even know if these links are still live!

good in novel way

good, but a bit over the top

strange and cheaply done, but the cast looks amazing, and id be interested to see hopkins direct.

k, there are a few too many major chords here, but the concept is strong – and its got an excellent joke at the cost of a big tough guy right in the middle!

napoleon dynamite vs west bank big band

if harmony korine had a soft side

this looks interesting, perhaps even ‘magically realistic’

joe strummer biopic; features a sample of him stating his grave stone describer should read “punk rock warlord, with warlord being one word.”

and just incase you all feared i dont get in touch with my childish side,

feels like science of sleep 2

great cast, great costuming, dry, dry, dry

ok, its out already, but it does look good

November 20th, 2009
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