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BIG Changes Small Things.

oh yeah, forgot to mention im no longer in London.

so, im no longer in London. currently, im a temporary resident of Baltimore, Maryland, United States, North America. oddly, it would seem that during the week, its either rainy, gray or both, and during the weekend its sunny as hell. whoever is in charge of weather over here is not only doing a WAY better job than london, but deserves extra points for timing and stuff.

so, since the continental shift in post code (or zip code, as them yanks like to say) im similarly rebuilding the website. i could just take down the site, but a “in progress” thing up and, like, never really do anything, but instead i decided to jump in and do it the organic, dynamic way. so, like gmail (only not as good), ever so often a little thing will change. a format here, a link there, a page will disappear and reappear as something else entirely.

on the burner:
- all sorts of projects that never got mentioned will get mentioned;
- updates to mentioned projects;
- new projects will get mentioned
- and non-project things that deserve to get mentioned, yeah, they’ll get mentioned too…


… And TOtally Stolen From Smeear;

goldtec’s newest offering, the (custom drilled) 48 hole flat flanged fucker!


velocity’s 43mm deeper v, the b43 custom drilled to 48


ridiculously strong wheel. me likey!

… and stolen from hkfixed, but still! awesome riding is awesome riding.

basically, that guys bike is made of magic.

peep this sick tightener; not only is it smooth (as smeear say) but the rectangular tubing says strong as shite!

edit: figured out its from a trials bike called a “Caelifera” which, not surprisingly, gets it name from a type of grasshopper, and made by a custom fab company called 44 from Richmond, Virginia. apparently, there is a new(ish) model with built in chain tentioner. sweet.

- from here

April 24th, 2009
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a WAY back in november 2005, i blogged about this amazing looking bicycle…

that didnt have any hubs, and instead ran on a (speculated) magnetic crank system. not sure if that idea ever came to fruition, but somebody deffinitly went with the design language, because i just found…

she looks purdy, but do she run?

- from here.

April 24th, 2009
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Composed Thru You

kutiman, a highly skilled music and video editor and composer, released a series of seven song-videos that (perhaps finally) have cemented the age old act of sampling sounds, to the age old act of watching youtube, necessitating the visual with the audio, and vice versa. resulting in something reminiscent of venetian snares’ rossz csillag alatt született – a journey through romantic, classical and modern period music samples realigned and juxtaposed to a highly energized drum’n’bass / break track – thru you is entirely based on found youtube videos cut up, layered, re-ordered and glued back together to form entirely new, and probably entirely different tracks than any of the performers had ever expected to ever be part of. aka, wicked.

heres the first track…

-check it here.

April 23rd, 2009
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Combat Carabiner: For All Those Urban(e) Needs

So pen with pencil boring? Pen with light boring? Pen with girl with disappearing bikini boring? Pen with stabby end boring?

So tactical pens aren’t enough for you? Yeah, i agree, they aren’t really that applicable to the rigors of daily life – i mean, pokey stabby bits are useful for getting that first rip started in packing tape when your opening a box, but keys or even the actual pen nib it self usually suffices. SO! How about tactical carabiners, eh? I mean, every hipster who has ever played hipster bingo (with their own custom version, of course) knows that the only way to cary keys AND wear painted-on-jeans is with the tried and true carabiner. Now, not only did i have one during my london travails, but i had it attached by a semi-retractable loop of KMC chain so that i only took it off when i went to bed. Because i carried keys to my flat, keys to my bike lock and a keys to the work building, not having to unhook and hook every few hours / new location was a real boon.

Now that fixed culture is hitting seriously high gear ratio, every facet of the life and life style is being made custom, just for it. Todays (or last months, or something) most recent offer is the Multi-Purpose Carabiner! Yay!

House of Commons offer us their latest, replete with multi-purpose blade, bottle opener (because you dont already have two on your keychain and one in your bag), and two completely uselessly small phillips and flatheads!

However, not to be outdone there is (and probly the original inspiration) the Kersha Jeeva Carabiner Knife… however, it appears to only come in safety-yellow (not be confused with nu-rave yellow), and without any of the other useless features of the HoC offering.

Uh-oh. But whats this?

Has HoC simply found the original manufacturer and rebranded for the sake of profits? Nice…

-HoC Carabiner available at Chari & Co, and the Kershaws at Botach Technical.

Botach Is On It Again: Defense Pen

Botach Technical is an online provider for all sorts of technical and tactical stuff intended to keep you out of trouble… or maybe get you into it. Anyways, some of it is quite cool, in its own wierd way. Heres their “writing instrument” submission – because, you know, a pen cant be just a pen… (the other end doubles as a stabby thing)

Which is not to be confused with the KZ Defense Pen, slim, and very similar.

from here.

April 22nd, 2009
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Scientists Agree: Human Touch is Nice

After millions of taxpayers dollars were put to hard work, it turns out that the brain can tell when human skin is be stroked by human skin.

Put in other words, we know when we are being touched.

And that it feels nice.

from here.

April 16th, 2009
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Spam Can! or Could!

in a recent article from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the past years net of roughly 62 trillion spam emails have sucked and drained the equivalent of the power needed to run 2.4 million homes over the course of a year.

thats a lot of spam!

link here.

April 16th, 2009
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