News for October 2006

Quote of the Day

“The music he likes is simply defined: anything that can’t be summed up in a common term.”

-Ornette Coleman, on his tastes in music

October 24th, 2006


Attaining Presents.

so matt (of bad designer fame) just dropped by the joint, and gave this to me!


he said he was just practicing at blowing up images, but still, its sick: its an A2 sized depiction of matt giving me a tattoo (track ring, with “fixed or die” below), sporting his signature hairstyle, and my signature sunglasses and stache; but im sporting an (as of yet) non-existant “san …” tattoo, implicitly ‘san francisco,’ but then again, it could be ‘san diego’ or, hell, even ‘santa clause.’ we dont really know.

wicked matt. mad respect!

October 18th, 2006


Beer Goggles, but for The Environment.


i just cant tell how to start this post. i wrote about the term green washing in my thesis, as indemic of problems, yet problems that were at least being acknowledged enough to be denied. on the road to recovery, to pass through the state of denial means that the state of unawareness has been breached and surpassed. although far from idylic, the state of denial is a relatively better place to be.

wal-mart (amongst every other major industrial giant) enjoys the positive lime-colored light associated with green washing- but throwing out terms and figures to bait the gullible into uproarious condonation does little to change the tangible reality. these attempts seems to allways hinge on two key numbers, one the efficiency of some aspect (say, their fleet) and how long it will take to improve (usually in years, or decades), with the end result starting like a firm commitment, and ending like a flacid movie review. “we at wal-mart recognize the importance of global warming, and see that we are posed to do serious change. that is why we are committing to increase the efficiency of our delivery vehicles by 12%, by the year 2020.” is that their idea of serious change? no offence, but it certainly isnt mine.

luckily, the term green washing is gaining awareness with more and more people being able to spot it- especially when it is so blatantly spewn in their face. al gore just gave a talk to 800 of wal-marts highest paid heads, got to show his movie, and then mentioned some religious babble in – what looks like – a reversal of the white washing technique; explain the situation, then sugar-coat it with jesus, so it goes down smoother.

basically, i guess, im glad change is happening and, although in the form of delusion and denial, i must say that, strangely, green washing is a good thing.

luckily, more and more grocers are stocking natural, organic and / or fair trade supplies, because of demand. increasing efficiencies in product manufacturing, energy capture, and energy transmission happen on a daily basis: entire tracts of homes have been built in california featuring standard roof tiles that are actually PV arrays, blurring the lines of predictability. wal-mart has completely failed in germany, and – branded as “asda” in the uk – is failing here as well. (monopolies are bad enough, let alone ones who specialize in selling crap.) microsoft is slated to, after Vista, never release software in the ‘on-disk’ standard format that we are all accustomed to, because the internet allows us to simply download it (and modify it, and add to it), meaning that the empire bill built is slowly losing steam.

October 17th, 2006

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Quote of the Day

On Tuesday morning, when the 300 millionth American is born… none of the gloomy projections by intellectuals proved to be as prescient as an old proverb in farming societies: “Each extra mouth comes attached to two extra hands.” No matter what problems lie ahead, the good news on Tuesday will be that America has 600 million hands to solve them.

- from ny times.

also, check out this link, from grist.

also also, check out the image (from the times, uk) to the right (click it). its a projection of what would happen to the earth, if we suddenly vanished… VERY interesting…

October 17th, 2006

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Quotes from the Outer Fringe…

“Reject Venezuela.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made degrading and insulting remarks about President Bush in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Chavez called Bush the devil.

Chavez is vying for Venezuelan membership in the United Nations Security Council. This is one heck of a way to go about it. He directly insulted the president of a member nation. There were some member nations that applauded the remarks made by Chavez.

I would hope the majority of member nations will take Chavez’s remarks to heart and not accept Venezuela as a member of the Security Council.

DAVID M. LEVIN Vineland “

- pulled from “the courier post”. despite amazing prose, i too beleive united nations should take chavez’s remarks to heart- bush is the devil, or at least the closest thing to one right now (especially one with so much socially condoned power). apparently, during the same address, he lifted a book, shaking it vigorously, preaching that everyone should read this book, and prompting an imediate sellout of the book, and an emergency reprint of 25,000 more – bringing to mind the preacher lifting the bible, only, in this case, the bible was “hegemony or survival,” by noam chomsky, a book that already resides on my shelf.

October 5th, 2006

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