Introducing: sunwalker brewing



Bottle 1, of batch 1: complete.

Sunwalker Habenero Saison.

One gallon batches only yield 8 grolsch bottles, as they can hold 1 us pint, and technically. And that was bottle 1, freshly labeled today, shared with Pat & Soraya!

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Some time ago heid got me a beer making kit for a birthday present, I think, which was followed up by some brewing books. Although I love beer, I’ve never tried making it mostly out of respect for its complexity – leave that to the pros! On top of that, I knew it would be an involved process, and my dance card is already full. But it still sounded interesting, and I didn’t want heids gift to go unused, so I dove in!

My first attempt is only a few days old at this point, so it needs nearly a month more of waiting to mature. Still, I might be awesome – the recipe the kit came with was a Jalapeno Saison… but I didn’t have any japs, so I used a habenero instead!





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ye olde work: Lady Rose Shirts

just found this photo of a stack of shirts i designed for the 2012, before they went out to everyone… much fun!





shower scene!

no idea where this one came from, but its fun, me thinks. .032 engravers plastic (used for making ADA raised lettering) on 1/8″ beveled edge matte acrylic, with a reverse print of Vera Miles mid-scream.

actually… i think i saw that font and like IMMEDIATELY saw that layout.



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toothbrush holder

heres a somewhat olde project, and in its 3rd revision. somehow i dont think i ever documented these, but this one is a basic bathroom toiletry bracket meant to hold two brushes, and two tubes, and thats it. previous models (for a vanity with differently spaced shelves) also had places for tweezers, nail clippers, and a little slender slot to help you gather your toothpaste to the top of the tube (that totally didnt work). milled .080 aluminum, via my CNC machine, with designs done in illustrator (and, i must say, the micrometer was VERY useful on this one!), then bent (on a desk edge i think), and cleared.


v2 with a space for all my little bits


v3 now with symmetry, and a space for two kinds of toofpaste



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natty boh, natty boh!

another gem from the laser, this time a quick design based of Mr National Bohemian him self, and etched into a preexisting coaster. Of all the baltimore imagery there is (not just the boring ‘orioles’ or ‘ravens’ stuff, but even including the crabs, the cheseapeak bay, the trails) i REALLY like Mr. Boh. Something about his simplicity, his origins, his power, what caliber of beer he represents (same as – and made by – PBR), all of it contributes to what i associate with where i live now. And where i place my cup.


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Luigi’s : Production Shots

yes, these are out of order since i already posted the install shots, but i thought i would share!

raw stack of ingredients, post routing

the production tables, taken over!

red reflective cut vinyl being weeded

the remaining vinyl beginning to take shape

the custom L getting its stand-offs attached, using acrylic weld. the other letters got the same treatment, but the photo didnt turn out good.

both sign bottoms weeded and ready for top sheet, and then application.

vinyl with topsheet, freshly applied, shot one

vinyl with topsheet, freshly applied, shot two

top sheet removed, and now we have a backer, with lettering! Everything else on this will either be acrylic lettering, or 2×4 cleats.

backer flipped over and aligment of cleats complete. there were a number of VERY specific holes that i aligned them to, and then screwed into them from the front. Later, the lettering will cover those screw heads, and no one will be the wiser!

backer flipped back over, and now you can see the screw heads that attach to the cleats

Finally, the lettering gets added, by screwing from the back into the spacers, resulting in this:

The final result.


IMAG2337 - Copy

so a friend of mine reached out to me to do him a sign. then he sent me an AMAZING logo (which TO BE CLEAR i DID NOT DESIGN – but oh man wish i did!), and goes,

“yeah, can you print me 1 (one) poster?”

and im like,

“Man, thats all you want?

“Yeah, no, thats fine, all we need!”

so we did it, and it was not exciting. and then months later i was like, ‘screw it’ im making it, and with awesome sauce! So i manipulated it a bit to translate to a layered acrylic number, and then pulled my acrylic bits from the waste piles, and got to ‘routin. the perimeter is lit with a custom wired low-profile strip-style LEDs that i ALSO pulled from the scrap bin.

Now she hangs as one of our show peices! Final is about 20 wide by maybe 30ish tall?

JUST as its finishing production

Shot across the top, showing the incline of the zeppelin.

Zoom showing the top area

Zoom on the city

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silly bracket

a load of work went into this thing. Just so that no one will ever see it. thing sits flush with the back of my shop-top monitor.IMAG2285


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lazer power

completely forgot to put these online, but a buddy of mine asked me (like 18 years ago) to do him some dog tags. design is completely his, but i was able to get them to work on the laser engraver, which does wicked stuff with anodized aluminum.IMAG2309

Luigi’s : Main Signage UP!

luigi’s main sign finally got up! Its been months of design on this one, and then a fair amount of work getting it all built (as the previous posts show), but yes. The time has come, and install has begun! So far, only the front sign is up, but they now have the main back sign, the back patio sign, and the directional arrow.




Luigi’s : double sided flying squirrel

It may be sort of hard to tell, but the blank is sort of shaped like a flying squirrel if seen from above, mid-flight. Anyways, this was originally intended to go on a sign arm at luigi’s, but it turned out the tenant below would be using it. But it was so good I had to do something! So I went and made it anyways. Chris will figure out a hot spot for it, I’m sure.









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Quarterhouse : signage



Here’s some nice dimensional stuff we did for a new restaurant in canton. The main backer is made of 3″ High Density Urethane (hdu) custom routed to get texture and relief. We then routed 1/2″ white acrylic, primed and painted the letters a marigold color, and blind stud mounted them into the backer. I think we were all really pleased with the result – in fact the only downer was that this was meant to be a double sided sign, but that wouldn’t pass permitting. Also, I didn’t design this one, just something I helped execute that I thought I would share!

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